Poem of the Week: “Bird” by Dorianne Laux

Assistant to the Director, Estee Schlenner, chose this week’s poem. “I always turn to Dorianne Laux’s work when I need some comfort, and I feel like we could all use a little comforting right now. I love the way she ties in nature to her poetry, and how this poem leaves you thinking about gratitudeContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Bird” by Dorianne Laux”

Poem of the Week: “Gratitude” by Jon Davis

Founding Director of the Center for Poetry, Anita Skeen, chose this poem. “I came across this poem two days before Thanksgiving when I was thinking about all of the things I am grateful for. I loved it, which is not a critical response, but an emotional one.  And then I thought how grateful I amContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Gratitude” by Jon Davis”

Poem of the (holi)Day: “Wild Gratitude,” by Edward Hirsch

Wild Gratitude Tonight when I knelt down next to our cat, Zooey, And put my fingers into her clean cat’s mouth, And rubbed her swollen belly that will never know kittens, And watched her wriggle onto her side, pawing the air, And listened to her solemn little squeals of delight, I was thinking about theContinue reading “Poem of the (holi)Day: “Wild Gratitude,” by Edward Hirsch”