Poem of the Week: “Origin Story,” by Karin Gottshall

Join us this Wednesday as we welcome Karin Gottshall for our Fall Writing Series. Origin Story Lake Michigan dreamed me, I think, in the winter of 1969, its long currents combing shipwrecks and where   was my mama, then? (She was wearing a red muumuu.) And where was my father, then? (He was fishing forContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Origin Story,” by Karin Gottshall”

Father and son duo Marvin and Nathan Bell visit Center for Poetry

By Kelsey Block Poet Marvin Bell and songwriter Nathan Bell joined the RCAH Center for Poetry on November 11 as guests in our annual Fall Writing Series. Marvin Bell served two terms as the state of Iowa’s first poet laureate. His son, Nathan Bell is a singer and songwriter. Click here to listen to theContinue reading “Father and son duo Marvin and Nathan Bell visit Center for Poetry”

Folklorists visit Center for Poetry as part of Fall Writing Festival

My heart, my soul, my spirit flies, As I walk with granny one more time… Folklorists Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline joined the RCAH Center for Poetry as part of the annual Fall Writing Series. Throughout the week of October 27, the musicians visited classes, facilitated conversations and gave a performance in the RCAH Theater.Continue reading “Folklorists visit Center for Poetry as part of Fall Writing Festival”

2014 Fall Writing Series wraps up with nonfiction writer

By Kelsey Block On Wednesday, Nov. 19, the Center for Poetry welcomed nonfiction writer Jim Minick as the last guest in the Fall Writing Series. Throughout the week, Minick visited two RCAH classes in addition to reading from his memoir, The Blueberry Years: A Memoir a Farm and Family and an essay in which he explores theContinue reading “2014 Fall Writing Series wraps up with nonfiction writer”

Writing pair visits Center for Poetry

By Kelsey Block The Center for Poetry welcomed writers and teachers Rick Mulkey and Susan Tekulve for round two of the Fall Writing Series. Mulkey is the author of five collections of poetry and Tekulve is a short story writer and the author of the novel, In the Garden of Stone. Currently, Mulkey and TekulveContinue reading “Writing pair visits Center for Poetry”

Storyteller weaves tales at Poetry Center

By Kelsey Block Michigan storyteller, musician and educator Robin Nott visited the RCAH Center for Poetry last week as the first guest of the 2014 Fall Writing Series. The 64-year-old said he first became interested in storytelling as a child at camp, but didn’t explore it in depth until he saw Storyteller Donald Davis speakContinue reading “Storyteller weaves tales at Poetry Center”

In Person with: Ann Pancake

By Kelsey Block “When I first start a piece, as a first draft, I usually start it because I have a voice in my head,” Ann Pancake, 50 said. “It’s like a rhythm; it’s so transcendent.” The Romney, West Virginia native said she started writing as a child. “My mom enforced naps I didn’t need,Continue reading “In Person with: Ann Pancake”

Documenting Barbara Presnell

By Kelsey Block Last week, the RCAH Center for Poetry was delighted to welcome North Carolina native Barbara Presnell to East Lansing. During her brief visit, Presnell conducted a workshop on documentary poetry and gave readings of her work. Presnell said she began writing when she was a child. As the youngest of three children,Continue reading “Documenting Barbara Presnell”

Carolyn Gage at the RCAH Center for Poetry

We’re thrilled to welcome playwright Carolyn Gage to the Center for Poetry. A feminist, lesbian playwright, she specializes in non-traditional roles for women, especially those reclaiming famous lesbians whose stories have been distorted or erased from history. Please join us for the following events surrounding Carolyn’s visit: Wednesday, November 6: An Evening of Lesbian Theatre withContinue reading “Carolyn Gage at the RCAH Center for Poetry”

In Person With George Ellenbogen

By Kelsey Block The RCAH Center for Poetry welcomed Canadian Poet and Memoirist George Ellenbogen to East Lansing last week. During his visit, Ellenbogen visited several classes, conducted workshops, and gave readings of his work. Ellenbogen studied as an undergraduate at McGill University. He said he had begun working toward his Master of Arts degreeContinue reading “In Person With George Ellenbogen”