Review Alert: “Smuggling Elephants through Airport Security”

We haven’t yet seen too many reviews of our Wheelbarrow Books series, but were thrilled that Ray Walsh, owner of Curious Books in East Lansing and long time book reviewer for the Lansing State Journal chose Smuggling Elephants through Airport Security by Brad Johnson for his book column on January 26. “You’re better off notContinue reading “Review Alert: “Smuggling Elephants through Airport Security””

Book Review: come see about me, marvin by Brian G. Gilmore

We are pleased to have Brian G. Gilmore open our Spring Poetry Festival on Wednesday, April 1. His newest book, come see about me, marvin, was released from Wayne State University Press in 2019. To order the book, click here. Brian G. Gilmoreā€™s come see about me, marvin, is a masterful exploration of being a stranger in a strange land, while attempting to call onContinue reading “Book Review: come see about me, marvin by Brian G. Gilmore”