Poem of the Week: “Aquarium, February,” by Liz Ahl

A note about the choosing of this poem from Center for Poetry Intern, Allison Costello: “In light of the intense winter storm that has made its way across Michigan, I wanted to choose a poem that referenced winter but honored the safety and stillness of indoors. “Aquarium, February” by Liz Ahl does just that, describingContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Aquarium, February,” by Liz Ahl”

Poem of the Week: “Miscegenation,” by Natasha Trethewey

Center for Poetry intern Elizabeth Sauter says this about her choice this week: “I chose this poem by Natasha Trethewey in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day on January 21.  Majoring in political science due to Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird has led me to have a renewed passion for advocating for betterContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Miscegenation,” by Natasha Trethewey”

Poem of the Week: “The Older Man,” by Karin Gottshall

“I chose this poem because I admire Karin Gottshall’s use of language throughout all of her poems, but this one in particular feels extremely comforting to me. The lines “Your apartment,/dim and small, was in a neighborhood redolent/of cinnamon.” is so unique and such an interesting way of describing a location. I thought this poemContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “The Older Man,” by Karin Gottshall”

Poem of the Week: “Burning the Old Year,” by Naomi Shihab Nye

Center for Poetry intern, Amy Potchen, tells us why she chose this poem: “This poem only seems fitting for the beginning of the year. It serves as a reminder that a new year brings new beginnings. I enjoy the artful thought of being able to burn monotonous parts of the old year.” Burning the OldContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Burning the Old Year,” by Naomi Shihab Nye”