Poem of the Week: “Languages” by Carl Sandburg

  There are no handles upon a language Whereby men take hold of it And mark it with signs for its remembrance. It is a river, this language, Once in a thousand years Breaking a new course Changing its way to the ocean. It is mountain effluvia Moving to valleys And from nation to nationContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Languages” by Carl Sandburg”

“Poetic Justice” is in (and on!) the Air

Listen up! The Center for Poetry has ventured even further to reach audiences of poetry through its new podcast “Poetic Justice.” Interns Shannon McGlone and Allison Costello combined their love for radio and discussing poetry and social issues to produce a podcast, online for your listening enjoyment. In the first episode, the hosts talk toContinue reading ““Poetic Justice” is in (and on!) the Air”

Poem of the Week: “Recreation” by Audre Lorde

  Coming together it is easier to work after our bodies meet paper and pen neither care nor profit whether we write or not but as your body moves under my hands charged and waiting we cut the leash you create me against your thighs hilly with images moving through our word countries my bodyContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Recreation” by Audre Lorde”

Poem of the Week: “I Want To Work in a Hospital” by Cortney Davis

I Want To Work in a Hospital where it’s okay to climb into bed with patients and hold them— pre-op, before they lose their legs or breasts, or after, to tell them they are still whole.   Or post-partum, when they have just returned from that strange garden, or when they are dying, as ifContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “I Want To Work in a Hospital” by Cortney Davis”

Adventures in Linocut Printing

  By: Alexis Stark The Center for Poetry interns celebrated the end of 2017 learning a new form of art: linocuts!  Thanks to the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH), the Center staff had the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge of different art forms through the teachings of retired MSU professor andContinue reading “Adventures in Linocut Printing”