Poem of the Week: September Midnight, by Sara Teasdale

Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer, Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing, Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects, Ceaseless, insistent. The grasshopper’s horn, and far-off, high in the maples, The wheel of a locust leisurely grinding the silence Under a moon waning and worn, broken, Tired with summer.Continue reading “Poem of the Week: September Midnight, by Sara Teasdale”

Center For Poetry Brings Color to Campus

By: Alexis Stark “When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset.” —Christy Ann Martine This past week, the Center for Poetry took its love for the written and rhythmic word to the sidewalks of MSU’s campus for Walk, Chalk, Poetry. Since theContinue reading “Center For Poetry Brings Color to Campus”

Poem of the Week: House of Life by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Photo: Katherine Hepburn in “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” by Eugene O’Neil. Hepburn plays Mary, the family matriarch, whose eldest son quotes the following poem in reference to her insanity. House of Life: 97. A Superscription Dante Gabriel Rossetti Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been; I am also call’d No-more, Too-late, Farewell;Continue reading “Poem of the Week: House of Life by Dante Gabriel Rossetti”

Poem of the Week: “The Season of Phantasmal Peace,” by Derek Walcott

The Season of Phantasmal Peace by Derek Walcott   Then all the nations of birds lifted together the huge net of the shadows of this earth in multitudinous dialects, twittering tongues, stitching and crossing it. They lifted up the shadows of long pines down trackless slopes, the shadows of glass-faced towers down evening streets, theContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “The Season of Phantasmal Peace,” by Derek Walcott”

Poem of the Week: “White Petals,” by Tim Dlugos

The Republic lies in the blossoms of Washington.  —Robert Bly White petals drop into the dark river. Heedless of political significance, they ride out to the sea like stars.   I’m the space explorer. I travel to a planet where there are no plants or animals. Everyone lives in harmony. I don’t want to go home.Continue reading “Poem of the Week: “White Petals,” by Tim Dlugos”