Poem of the Week: “To Red,” by Shara McCallum

  To Red I’ve been wrong about you so long. You’re not the colour of war on Kingston streets. When you stain you become rust. You cheat even the flame tree, more orange in truth than you in your crimson, your scarlet robes. Not even the poppy contains you. Not even one hundred huddled inContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “To Red,” by Shara McCallum”

AWP 2017: It Takes a Village

In February 2017, the RCAH Center for Poetry staff made the trek to Washington, D.C. for AWP. We thought the trip was worthy of some reflection. Edited 5/8/17 to include additional reflections. Day one: Director Anita Skeen leads the way into the vastness that is the AWP Bookfair. See more snapshots of the adventure on Instagram.   Anita Skeen,Continue reading “AWP 2017: It Takes a Village”

Poem of the Week: Los Perdidos Del Bosque, by Pablo Neruda

The Lost Ones of the Forest / Los Perdidos Del Bosque by Pablo Neruda (English translation by William O’Daly)   The Lost Ones of the Forest   I am someone who never made it to the forest, one of those turned back by earth’s winter, headed off by lively scarabs ready to bite or byContinue reading “Poem of the Week: Los Perdidos Del Bosque, by Pablo Neruda”