Holiday Gifts for Poetry Lovers

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Read on for ideas on what to give the poetry lover or bibliophile in your life! For the Shape Poem Enthusiast: Leaves of Grass Poster Litographs partners with artists to create designs that incorporate the text from classic novels, plays, and poems into stunning graphics. They also partnerContinue reading “Holiday Gifts for Poetry Lovers”

Poem of the Week: “For Saundra” by Nikki Giovanni

For Saundra by Nikki Giovanni i wanted to write a poem that rhymes but revolution doesn’t lend itself to be-bopping then my neighbor who thinks i hate asked – do you ever write tree poems – i like trees so i thought i’ll write a beautiful green tree poem peeked from my window to checkContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “For Saundra” by Nikki Giovanni”

Poetry Potluck: Anita’s Cheese Grits

These cheese grits, brought to you by Center for Poetry Director Anita Skeen, are a staple at our annual staff holiday party. Anita writes: During the holiday season, I think we often recall friends and family who are no longer physically with us but who live on in other ways. The recipe for cheese glintsContinue reading “Poetry Potluck: Anita’s Cheese Grits”

Poem of the Week: “Negative” by Kevin Young

Negative by Kevin Young Wake to find everything black what was white, all the vice versa—white maids on TV, black sitcoms that star white dwarfs cute as pearl buttons. Black Presidents, Black Houses. White horse candidates. All bleach burns clothes black. Drive roads white as you are, white songs on the radio stolen by blackContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Negative” by Kevin Young”

Benvenuto winners visit Center for Poetry

By Kelsey Block On Wednesday, November 19, six Michigan high school students were recognized as winners of the Benvenuto High School Poetry Competition. The announcement was celebrated in conjunction with a reading by the last guest of the Fall 2014 Writing Series, Jim Minick. The winners of the Benvenuto Competition are: Jackson Graham, first place,Continue reading “Benvenuto winners visit Center for Poetry”

Poem of the Week: “The Students” by Mark Halliday

The students eat something and then watch the news, a little, then go to sleep. When morning breaks in they find they have not forgotten all: they recall the speckle of words on certain pages of the chapter assigned, a phrase of strange weight from a chapter that was not assigned, and something said almostContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “The Students” by Mark Halliday”