Call and Response # 24: Poem by Anita Skeen and Image by Guillermo Delgado

Originally posted on The Secret Lives of Things:
? Reunion ? ? Even in death my family is divided, the Skeens planted at Goshen Church, ? the Prudens already risen to the mountaintop at Spring Hill Cemetery.  Only the smell ? of fresh cut grass unites the two, the wind in my hair as I…

Poem of the Week: “Ein Leben” by Dan Pagis, translated from Hebrew by Stephen Mitchell

In the month of her death, she is standing by the windowframe, a young woman with a stylish, permanent wave. She seems to be in a contemplative mood as she stands there looking out the window. Through the glass an afternoon cloud of 1934 looks in at her, blurred, slightly out of focus, but herContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “Ein Leben” by Dan Pagis, translated from Hebrew by Stephen Mitchell”

Local writer nominated for literary prize

By Kelsey Block A retired local art teacher was recently nominated for an international literary prize. Dorothy Brooks, longtime Poetry Center participant, has recently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her piece that appeared in Hippocampus Magazine. Brooks said she started writing in 1967 during a stay in Austria. She said she was studyingContinue reading “Local writer nominated for literary prize”

Random Acts of Kindness

Feb. 20th, 2013 Last week at the RCAH, we collected anonymous notes on kindness in the spirit of Kate McGormley’s blog “Kindness Matters.” We put a decorated box in the main office with an invitation to leave a note for Random Acts of Kindness and Valentine’s week with the following prompts: “I’m thankful for…” “LoveContinue reading “Random Acts of Kindness”

Poem of the Week: “The Escape” by James Laughlin

The world is too much with us let’s float away from it   I don’t mean death (which may be an illusion) but an écarte- ment (a separation) a ver- fremdung (an estrangement) we shall agree to withdraw not into the great nothing- ness as a Buddhist might do but into each other (your being wouldContinue reading “Poem of the Week: “The Escape” by James Laughlin”

Valentine’s Murder Ballads

In light of our Valentine’s Murder Ballad workshop this past Monday, here are three songs written by our poets-turned-musicians! “Oh, Matthew, Please” (to the tune of Matty Groves) by Taylor Carver, Linnea Jimison, and Anita Skeen One fair autumn morn as the sun beat down I walked the dusty road to the far side of town.Continue reading “Valentine’s Murder Ballads”

Valentine’s Murder Ballad Workshop

Valentine’s Murder Ballad Workshop, a set on Flickr. This past Monday, RCAH alums Emily Nott and Linnea Jimison, both of the Lansing-based band The Bard Owls, led a workshop on the evolution of the murder ballad and helped participants create their own gruesome ballad, just in time for Valentine’s Day! It was the first musicalContinue reading “Valentine’s Murder Ballad Workshop”

Poem of the Week: “Continuum: A Love Poem” by Maxine Kumin

going for grapes withladder and pail inthe first slashing rainof September    rainsteeping the dustin a joyous squelch   the skystanding up like steamfrom a kettle of grapesat the boil    wild fox grapeswickedly high    tangled in mustof cobweb and bug spitgoing for grapes    yearafter year    we two withladder and pail stainedwith the rain of grapesour private language

An Afternoon with Diane Wakoski: Part 2 of 2

By Kelsey Block *Please note that the following quotation also appeared in “An Afternoon with Diane Wakoski: Part 1” “Poetry is for those moments when something moves you because of its beauty, pure beauty, for anything that engages you to look at it and experience its transformative power,” the 76-year-old poet said. “Beauty transforms you.”Continue reading “An Afternoon with Diane Wakoski: Part 2 of 2”